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2019 Harvest Report – A great challenge

Posted by alhcommunication

During the month of January, there were two important heat waves, that led us to determine in a hurry the dates of harvest, to avoid over-ripening of the grapes. We started the Malbec harvest at our Luján de Cuyo farm on February 14, and on February 27 we did it with the Bonarda grapes from the organic vineyard. That same day we began the harvest in the Uco Valley.

The 2019 harvest represented a challenge for wine growers. The year’s viticultural management was put to the test, and also did the accumulated in past seasons. The heat waves are a real test for the normal operation of the plants since the only ones able to resist are those with a deep root system, in which the roots find more humidity and can protect themselves from the rise of the surface temperature. For this is essential to manage soil and water resources efficiently.

In general, the climatic conditions of this harvest were optimal, due to the lack of rainfall and the absence of significant hail storms. Thanks to this we obtained excellent quality fruit, allowing us to reach balanced performances, and good concentration, since the ones in previous seasons had lower volumes.

Beyond the intensity of the work and the fatigue that this leaves us, we felt the enormous satisfaction that everything worked according to what was planned. Teamwork is always reflected in the results, and we believe that this harvest will allow us to make the wines we love so much: those of great depth and character.