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Posted by alhcommunication

Water is life, and more so in Mendoza. And finally the well has spilled the precious water in our Altamira estate, the Uco Valley property to be planted in 2017.


In order to prepare the land for planting the vines, we have begun removing the native vegetation in the estate. We are aiming to remove only the most superficial layer of the soil, so we preserve it as much as possible. The vegetation is being cleared just on the places in which the vineyard polygons are set to be.


In our “Altamira Garden”, biodiversity will be the cornerstone of our upcoming vineyard. The legacy of Alan York, the biodynamics specialist who helped us adopting a natural farming approach in our Luján de Cuyo estate, inspires us to dare a completely new approach to design this planting.


Our project is to keep small oasis of native vegetation between the vineyards so these plants will contribute to get more complex aromas in our Malbec. By doing so, we stay true to our goal of leaving behind the typical notes of red fruits and vanilla that Malbec wines usually show; to search for herbaceous notes coming from the vineyard surroundings and mineral notes coming from Altamira limestone soils.


This is a very special moment. We bought this land in 2011, and have overcome an ordeal of five years, with all at stake, once more, to get here. We are grateful that this day has come.