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Multicultural Blind Tasting: Where Do We Stand?

Posted by Kendall

The technical team at Altos Las Hormigas is constantly tasting; comparative tastings, vertical tastings, blind tasting… they all help define our vision and goals. The impetus for this month’s multicultural wine tasting was based on a curiosity in comparing what Argentina is capable of producing, to those well-known wines of Montalcino and Rioja, areas of amazing class, but not extremely cold.

Palates from Chile, Italy and Argentina were all represented in the tasting panel.

The blind flights were a lot of fun, just two flights of four wines, and a very comfortable time to taste and revisit, in large Riedel glass. Wine tasting should never resemble marathon running! One side of the table was enthusiastic about Montalcino wines…

Poggio a Sotto Montalcino, Altos Las Hormigas Harvest 2012

Rioja had an unfortunate, faulty bottle…

Rioja Vina Tondonia 91 Altos Las Hormigas Harvest 2012

…while in Mendoza, Altos Las Hormigas Single Vineyard 2007 was the wine of the day. Alberto Antonini commented: “we don’t want to do Rioja or Montalcino, we are Mendoza.”

Altos Las Hormigas Single Vineyard Vista Flores Malbec, Harvest 2012

Antonio Morescalchi replied: “it is crucial to be clear about what we like and stand for, that will define the path to be pursued”.

Blind tasting are always full of surprises, and we believe that the greatest Argentine wine is yet to come, and we want to make our bid.