Our Name

We purchased 206 hectares (530 acres) in the rural township of Lujan de Cuyo for the future Estate of Altos Las Hormigas.  When the vineyards were planted in 1996 workers faced a stiff altercation with the local ant colonies. The ants loved to feed on the tender sprouts of our newly-planted young vines, often reducing months of man labor to nothing,  all in a single night.  The workers refused to poison the ants and started looking for natural ways to deflect their attention. During this time they commented that the ants were the “real” owners of the place and seemed to cover enormous ground and accomplish great tasks despite their miniscule size. In Argentina we have a saying: “un trabajo de hormigas” or “a job for ants” which describes a humble, patient, and dedicated work. We decided to name our venture after the hard-working, team-playing hormiga, which is emblematic of our history and has become a symbol of good luck.